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Experienced. Licensed. Supportive.

Connie Holland, LPC, NCC, BC-TMH

I awoke one night to the phrase "The Spirit of the Lord is on me" from Isaiah 61 and quickly went to my bible to read that particular scripture only to find verse after verse describing what I do as a counselor.  It was yet another confirmation that I am doing what the Lord called me to do and I have to say, I am enjoying every minute of watching God at work in the lives of others.  I am so thankful to be a part of what He is doing.

I, Connie Holland, am a Licensed Professional Counselor (#2183) in the state of MS and a National Certified Counselor (#626128).  I earned my Master of Arts degree from Liberty University in 2014 and I hold a Bachelor of Science degree from Mississippi State University in Special Education.  My approach to counseling, aside from being biblically based, tends to be solution focused.  I prefer getting to the problem at hand and working toward better thinking, better behavior and a better way of life.  Sometimes God doesn't change your situation because He's trying to change your heart and I would love to walk through life with you as you work through those difficult times.

    Jacey Wall, P-LPC, NCC

    I, Jacey Wall, am a Provisionally Licensed Professional Counselor (#P-0989) in the state of MS and a National Certified Counselor (#1726695). I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Mississippi College and a Master of Arts degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Liberty University.


    I earned both of my degrees at Christian universities due to their focus on the spiritual and the mental. I know that God holds each of us in his hand and will guide us through the counseling process when we invite him in. God led me to become a counselor when I was just 13 years old and has guided my path to counseling ever since.


    While being biblically based, my counseling approach is also focused on identifying and processing emotions. I believe emotions need to be addressed and understood before moving on to problem-solving skills. God has given us the ability to feel so many emotions, and I want to help guide you on your way to understanding these emotions. 

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